Rose pruning

Healthy rose bushes after rose pruning Mt Barker South Australia

Rose pruning is one of Jules’ favourite jobs. He’d love to help you get your rose bushes pruned, healthy and thriving so they’re ready to bloom throughout spring and summer!

We can also provide a green waste removal service if required.


When should you have your roses pruned?

Generally speaking, the main rose pruning season is winter.  With a smaller pruning beneficial in summer to encourage a second round of blooms.

Some roses may need pruning at other times. For example, roses that have one mass flowering in spring are best pruned after flowering. This includes old-fashioned roses, weeping standards and climbing roses as well as banksias.

In cold districts, such as the Adelaide Hills, and particularly around Stirling, Crafers, Summertown, Ashton and Uraidla, it can be better to wait until later in winter or early Spring and prune when there’s no risk of new growth being damaged by frost.

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Rose pruning Stirling South Australia

Why prune rose bushes?

Roses respond really well to pruning. Pruning stimulates new growth which allows the plant to flower well. It removes old parts of the bush so that the plant can redirect its energy into new growth. Deadheading roses in summer promotes new blooms to extend the flowering season.

Pruning also allows you to shape the plant, and keep it looking neat and tidy in the garden.


Other rose care services

To really encourage your roses to thrive, you may want assistance with other tasks such as:

  • layering organic mulch over the root area.
  • fertilizing and feeding with liquid rose food.
  • looking out for mildew or blackspot and spraying with milk, Eco Rose and Eco Oil, Triforene or Mancozeb Plus.
  • spraying the rose bushes with lime sulphur to destroy fungal spores.
  • staking young bushes to protect from braking off in the wind.
  • preparing soil for planting new rose bushes.

Rose pruning Adelaide Hills areas including Stirling, Crafers, Mt Barker, Hahndorf, Mylor and surrounds.

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